"Hypnosis" & "Hypnotherapy" in Houston

Myth 1: When you wake up from hypnosis, you won't remember anything that happened when you were hypnotized.

While amnesia may occur in very rare cases, people generally remember everything that occurred while they were hypnotized. However hypnosis can have a significant effect on memory. Post-hypnotic amnesia can lead an individual to forget certain things that occurred be-fore or during hypnosis. However, this effect is generally limited and temporary.

Myth 2: Hypnosis can help people remember the exact details of a crime they witnessed.

While hypnosis can be used to enhance memory, the effects have been dramatically exaggerated in popular media. Research has found that hypnosis doesn't lead to significant memory enhancement or accuracy and hypnosis can actually lead to false or distorted memories.

Myth 3: You can be hypnotized against your will.

Despite stories about people being hypnotized without their consent, hypnosis requires voluntary participation on the part of the client.

Myth 4: The hypnotist has complete control of your actions while you are under hypnosis.

While people often feel that their actions under hypnosis seem to occur in spite of their will, a hypnotist cannot make you perform actions that are against your values or morals.

Myth 5: Hypnosis can make you super-strong, fast or athletically talented.

While hypnosis can be used to enhance performance, it cannot make people stronger or more athletic than their existing physical capabilities.